Consignment 101: Tips for first time consignors

Consignment 101: Tips for first time consignors

Ready to declutter your closet and turn your gently used clothes into cash? Look no further than consignment! Not only will you earn more money than selling at a traditional cash-for-clothes store, but you'll also be supporting sustainable fashion by extending the life cycle of your garments. By choosing consignment, you'll get to enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your pre-loved pieces are finding a new home! 

Tip 1: Research! Before you start consigning, finding the right shop for YOU is essential. Every consignment store has its unique style and preferences when it comes to items they accept. To increase your chances of success, take some time to research and visit potential shops. If you spot items that catch your eye and make you want to buy, your clothes will likely be a good fit! 

Tip 2: Prep! Prior to consigning, review your shop's websites for guidelines. Make sure your items are cleaned and look for flaws on your items. If you want a certain amount out of certain items, make a list so you can let them know! 

Tip 3: Keep an open mind! Go into selling your clothes with an open mind!  A lot of factors go into what a shop can keep/not keep. They know their clientele so trust the process :) 

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